How to have an autism-friendly vacation

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Crowne Plaza Tampa Autism Friendly VacationBy Connie Hammer

Wouldn’t you like a vacation? Have you thought about it but decided it would be:

1) almost impossible to do with an ASD child who doesn’t like change
2) too much work overall
3) too expensive.

Why not begin 2014 with a different mindset?  Erase all of those excuses from your mind and start thinking positive because it IS all very possible.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Alan Day, of ASD Vacations and his special promotion, parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can have a practice vacation that is affordable. That’s right – I said a ‘PRACTICE Vacation’.

What a unique idea! Whenever you set a goal it is always best to be realistic and do things in small increments with lots of support so you can experience success and that is exactly what Alan Day’s ‘PRACTICE Vacation’ is all about.

I know you want to have a happy, enjoyable, somewhat peaceful and successful vacation experience where you can kick up your feet and relax and my colleague Alan and I can make it all possible.

This practice vacation consists of 3 days and 2 nights at the beautiful Crowne Plaza, Tampa Westshore, Florida. This autism-friendly hotel has been certified and the staff has been trained by the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) at the University of South Florida (USF). Going to a place like this that truly understands your circumstances is bound to help you feel confident and relaxed.

And to make it even more appealing, special discounted rates have been arranged just for you, not just at the hotel but at a number of other area autism-friendly attractions as well.

Any other excuses? Oh yes, I forgot to address the – ‘I can’t deal with the thought of what it will take to prepare my child for a vacation’ – excuse. That’s where I come in to help as I am one of Alan’s many special offers that he is adding to his ‘Practice Vacation’ package.

What I am offering to do is help you prepare yourself and your child for the entire vacation and I’m not talking just about packing. This special coaching offer will save you valuable time and effort in preparing your ASD child to be ‘family-vacation ready’. Together we will minimize your child’s travel related anxieties and reduce any worries you may harbor by developing a proactive plan that is customized to address your child’s special needs.

All you have to do is click here for more information to begin making that dream vacation come true! Book your trip now and have something to look forward to. Don’t you feel more relaxed already?


Copyright ©2014 Connie Hammer, all rights reserved. Used with permission

Connie Hammer is the owner of The Progressive Parent, LLC, a parent coaching business that offers quality parent coaching services, workshops & tele-classes to individuals, couples & groups.  A licensed social worker, Connie helps parents uncover abilities and change possibilities with her more than twenty years of experience working with families. As a parent educator and certified parent coach, she currently focuses her support on parents of young children recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Connie offers parents a free monthly tip-style newsletter, The Spectrum, as well as a free e-course, Parenting a Child with Autism – 3 Secrets to Thrive. For additional information, visit or contact Hammer at 207-615-5457 or email

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