More about having an autism friendly vacation in Tampa, Florida!

This week I spoke with Ms. Becca Zarcone of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tampa.  This hotel is the location of the “Autism Practice Vacation” mentioned in an earlier post.  Ms. Zarcone would like to extend a personal invitation and welcome to all autism families who are interested in taking advantage of the “Practice Vacation” opportunity.

autism friendly vacationThe hotel staff has received autism sensitivity training from the University of South Florida Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD).  Upon arrival, a child with autism receives a child-friendly bag containing a binder, dry-erase board, markers and a coloring book.  The binder contains information about autism-friendly attractions in the Tampa area.  Hotel amenities include an outdoor heated pool with a secure access gate; there are cabanas where a family can take a break from the sun or to get some quiet time.

Ms. Zarcone, Group Sales Manager at the hotel, has experience with autism among family and acquaintances, and has a personal passion to expand opportunities for this community.  She invites anyone interested in this opportunity to call her directly at 813-405-1185 and she will personally make arrangements for your booking.  Talk about creative thinking!  This program is a result of a partnership between the Tampa “Autism Fits” Business Partnership and the University of South Florida CARD to expand awareness and create opportunity for the autism community.

How to have an autism-friendly vacation

Crowne Plaza Tampa Autism Friendly VacationBy Connie Hammer

Wouldn’t you like a vacation? Have you thought about it but decided it would be:

1) almost impossible to do with an ASD child who doesn’t like change
2) too much work overall
3) too expensive.

Why not begin 2014 with a different mindset?  Erase all of those excuses from your mind and start thinking positive because it IS all very possible.

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Alan Day, of ASD Vacations and his special promotion, parents of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can have a practice vacation that is affordable. That’s right – I said a ‘PRACTICE Vacation’.

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