The Lunchbox

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By Cassandra Webb

This is the lunch box to end all lunch boxes.

I can’t take full credit, I did spot the original by Easy Peasy Organics.

lunch boxThe plastic storage bead or tackle boxes can be picked up from stores and online for anything from $2.50 to the $10 I paid.

They aren’t much bigger than a normal lunch box, a little wider and a little skinnier. I went one step further and added the little fish stickers. So when my son eats the food he can find the fish underneath.

This idea adds variety and eliminates wastage. I can split one apple between my daughter, my son and my nephew. Rather than sending the whole apple and them not eating it at all!
So we have:

    • Organic rice chippies
    • cheese
    • carrot
    • rock melon
    • water melon
    • rice and beetroot snacks
    • strawberries
    • apricot slice
    • avocado
    • baby chew sticks
    • tomatoes
    • apple
    • egg

AND, vegemite sandwich cut into the shape of a car using a biscuit cutter. I know you can buy sandwich cutters but that would cost money and take time. I’m too impatient for that!

kids lunch

I would say that the little dividers can be a pain. I glued mine in, but my little guy was onto that and still manages to pull some out. It’s no harder to wash or store than any other lunch box, and it makes me think. I can see the exact items offered to him, because nothing is in packets, and I now know he is getting a big variety of fruits and veg.

He loves it because instead of being offered a variety of packets and containers he has one easy to explore spread of options.

I’m sure the lovely daycare lady loves it because she no longer has to sift through a half dozen containers and lids to find the morning tea v’s lunch options.

So we’re all happy.

What’s your fav find for your kids lunchbox?

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