Behavior Basics 11 and 12: End of week wrap-up

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autism tagteach applied behavior analysis11.  The consequence, NOT the antecedent determines the future course of a behavior.

The consequence rules! The consequence of a behavior determines what course the behavior will take in the future. A behavior that results in a pleasing consequence to the learner will be repeated in the future. A behavior that results in painful or distasteful consequences will generally not be repeated in the future. We all seek pleasure and avoid pain and discomfort.


autism tagteach applied behavior analysis12.  A pleasant consequence maintains a behavior, keeps it going.

When a learner experiences a pleasant consequence (praise, treats, rewards, affirmation, recognition) after doing a behavior, the learner will perform that behavior more often. The more the learner experiences pleasant consequences, the stronger the behavior will become, and the longer it will last.


REMINDER:  This concludes the wrap-up of Behavior Basics for the week.  Please remember the schedule: On the release date of each module, the Behavior Basics for that module will be compiled into a PDF ebook available from our blog and Facebook page. Click on this link to download the entire series of 42 Behavior Basics for free:

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