Martha’s Rules for Effective TAGteaching

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Here are the rules that I made for myself to make sure that my teaching was most effective. If a child is frustrated, bored or upset he cannot possibly learn optimally. If a child gets frustrated and angry to the point of a meltdown, then he can’t learn, period. Doing everything I can to make sure that my child will have many successes and be a co-operative and happy learner is my top priority during a teaching session.

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Joan Orr

I am a co-founder of TAGteach International and co-founder of non-profit Doggone Safe. I am co-owner of Doggone Crazy!, which produces the Doggone Crazy! board game, the Be a Tree teacher kit, the Clicker Puppy training DVD and several ebooks. I am co-author with Teresa Lewin of the book: Getting Started Clicker Training with Your Rabbit. I was a member of the faculty of the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Clicker Expo for 9 years and was a consultant and content creator for the Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Trainers.

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