FREE to Parents: Autism Speaks Advocacy Tool Kit

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Autism Speaks has just issued a new tool kit for parents entitled, The Advocacy Tool Kit.

It is available free to parents at the Autism Speaks website.

This 45 page document has seven chapters written by either a professional or a parent with expertise in the subject. The chapters address the following topics:

  • The ABCs of Basic Advocacy and Negotiation Skills
  • Learning the Skills
  • School Advocacy
  • Autism Advocacy in the Community
  • Community Advocacy
  • Learning the Language of Self-Advocacy
  • Resources

The Resources chapter has links to thirteen excellent organizations, where parents can seek further information. It also lists the phone and email contacts for the Autism Speaks assistance line.

Each chapter provides excellent, detailed and balanced information on the subject, including words of wisdom: specifically, to think about the other party’s needs and points of view in advance, and to take these points of view into account when preparing your case.

This will be a very helpful document for every autism family.

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Martha Gabler

Autism parent. Director, Kids' Learning Workshop LLC. Author of Chaos to Calm: Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living with Autism.

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