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  1. Hi. Help!! I am a kindergarten teacher of 29 years. I have a severe autistic child in my class this year. I have 17 students. She is extremely loud with her self stimming. I cannot speak over her. She is in my room all day. The aide just follows her around and sits next to her. Her aide offers no stimulation or sensory activities for her. It is driving me crazy. Our SPED teacher wants her out of her room. It is an extremely poor set up. The autistic child is not receiving any benefits from being in my classroom. I feel as if I am not doing her any justice. 🙁 PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU.
    Kay Senn

    1. Hello Kay,

      Thank you for your email. I’m so sorry for the stress this situation is causing you and the other staff in your school. It is unfortunate, but sadly very common, that children with autism still do not receive appropriate behavioral supports in the schools; this imposes huge burdens on teachers such as yourself, who are trying to do everything they can.

      First recommendation. If possible, please find out whether your school system has access to a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). A BCBA is a professional who is trained in analyzing behavior and determining the function of the behavior; this person would develop and help you implement a behavior plan to address this child’s needs.

      Second recommendation. You and other staff in the school could consider using TAGteach to tag and reinforce this girl for productive behaviors such as Quiet Mouth and Appropriate Vocalization/Communication. Naturally, I have no idea of the protocols and policies that apply in your school system; you would have to check that out. Screaming is a common problem among children on the spectrum, and TAGteach is an effective way to increase productive alternative behaviors. Please see this article which describes this in more detail:

      Many young children with autism are placed in settings where the level of demand is simply too great for their abilities and the level of positive reinforcement is too low (or non-existent). This is a specific situation known as “ratio strain,” and such children display maladaptive behaviors because they just cannot cope. The solution is to do a careful and detailed assessment of their current skill sets and endurance levels, and fashion a program that meets their needs. Please see this article:

      Kay, you and your colleagues are welcome to use all the free resources available on the Chaos to Calm site to learn more about how to support children with autism via precise, targeted positive reinforcement. You may wish to join the TAGteach for Learning and Behavior Facebook group; there are other teachers, therapists, and behavior professionals who participate there and would be happy to share ideas with you:

      Please let me know if you have more questions, and please let me know how it’s going.

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